Citrus Drinks


Branding & Packaging Design




Brand & Packaging design for Citrus Drinks

A short summary of the process and result of how our graphic designing team both designed and produced a whole new rebrand for Citrus Drinks.


Like most of our projects with businesses wanting a complete remodeling of their brand, our world class team of graphic designers got in contact with the marketing department at Citrus Drinks and they conversed over what Citrus Drinks wanted the new branding to look like, so our team can do the best job they can to help Citrus Drinks achieve the specific aesthetic they want.

Next Citrus Drinks specified to our team what they wanted us to complete specifically, whether that be a new logo and new colour scheme/design for packaging etc. This then allowed our designers to nail down on the products that are needed most to ensure that they do the best job possible.

Similar to most projects with other brands, we gave Citrus Drinks a deadline for which our team of graphic designers will have all of the products completed by. And in this case it was a 3 week deadline as there were dozens of designs to complete. Giving a deadline then allows Citrus Drinks to complete backend work within their business such as a content plan which can then be published after they know their new designs will be complete. We ensure that all of our work is complete on time to make sure the business we’re working with can stay running their business as usual, with no issues due to external sources. 

Our team then proceeded to get to work on the project, finishing the graphics a few days prior to the end of the 3 week deadline which then allowed our team to converse with the marketing team at Citrus Drinks to make any changes they believed were needed, ensuring that our client is content without work. With our?

Then finally, only 3 weeks after beginning talks with Citrus Drinks our team had completed the work Citrus needed, outdoing their expectations, in which they were then able to commence with both the marketing and sales of their brand. 



Citrus Drinks were more than happy with our finished products, which then allowed their brand to stand out on shelves over others due to the high saturation of colours as well as large, unique branding.

Both ourselves as well as Citrus Drinks were very happy with the outcome of sizing on the products as it came out very smooth and minimalistic rather than an overload of content, which represented Citrus exactly the wany they wanted it to.

In terms of the graphics, it was specified for the design to be very similar to the design on the cans/products. This therefore compelled us to make the design stand out, so a potential customer would most definitely take notice of the graphic, but not stand out by enforcing content into the users face, but rather use a clean, minimalistic design which represented Citrus Drinks the way they wanted, as well as standing out to the casual social media ‘scroller’.