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Lifted is an online management firm based in both Bath, England & Marbella, Spain. Focused on elevating your brand to the next level


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We’ll give you an up-to-date run-through of what's needed to optimise your brand’s marketing as well as amass a large audience for your business
With our team of world class graphic designers, if needed, we can re-imagine your brand to a whole new level
web Design
Lifted offers multiple services around website development, including re-designing your whole site to put your online presence up there with some of the worldsmost acclaimed brands

We boost brands to the next level, lifting you above your competitors

Zach Thompson | Lifted CEO


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Learn more about Lifted and what we offer to both you and your business in the pdf linked below.

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We offer services which can instantly put you ahead of your competitors with just the click of your fingers.

With social media management, graphic design, website design, video editing and digital marketing ready to be tailored to you, we have both the team and assets to take your business to that next level, limitlessly increasing your profits. 

With just a short consultation with one of our team, we can get started and begin escalating your business not only aesthetically but also the magnitude of your brand online.


let's build the future

Creating a marketing strategy that works for you.


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We pride our self's on our high quality work created by our amazing team of photographers.


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We work with you to understand your business and discuss what we believe is the best next steps for you.

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Privacy is very important for us, so we work under a strict no disclosure agreement.

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Our team is super friendly we are here to work together and we want to make that the most pleasant experience for you.


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We have worked with many top brands, from creating marketing strategy's to building the brands look.

If you would like to learn more about our work and what we can do for you give us a call or send us a message.

web design

we design amazing experiences

+120 happy clients

Our web design team have created hundreds of websites creating the best experience for your customers or users.

About Us
Lifted is an online management firm based in Bath, a small city in the South West of England, focused on elevating your brand to the next level
Lifted Management

We like to exceed our clients expectations.


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