Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Marketing Strategy

What is needed in a Marketing Strategy?

A Marketing Strategy focuses on your business’ goals, objectives and reaching your target audience. This is the plan you will put in place to market to specific people who are the most likely to purchase your products and become customers, therefore achieving your KPI goals. If these three elements weren’t to be put in place, it’d be almost impossible to formulate an effective marketing strategy

What is a Marketing Strategy created to accomplish?

The purpose of a Marketing Strategy is so that you have clear steps to take to meet your goals and objectives in either the short-term, mid-term or long term.

Why is a Marketing Strategy so important?

A Marketing Strategy gives you a clear and precise plan to stick to, to then measure against your results so one, you can learn what both does and doesn’t work, but two, gives you a plan to work with to get your brand out there and to meet your goals and objectives.. 

Social Media

What is meant by Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the widespread term used to describe promoting a business online, on any of the what seems like dozens of online channels that allows users to create and upload content which represent their brand. Examples of these online channels include the likes of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin.

How does Social Media Marketing help my business?

Social Media Marketing allows your business to reach a whole new audience with no boundaries. Social Media and their algorithms are designed in a way which makes it surprisingly easy to reach your target audience, which is perfect for businesses of all sizes, therefore making it definitively better to improve sales. So it’s vital for any business to make the most of social media.

How can Facebook boost your business?

Facebook is one of the best tools to reach your target audience, boosting your brand awareness as well as your overall profits. When Facebook is used correctly, it gives you the opportunity to reach new audiences, and generate perfect new leads. But it’s not easy, as depending on your business’ size, your content strategy will be different to others’, in which you may need a combination of different ad campaigns and organic posts to make the most out of Facebook.

What does a Social Media Marketing Agency do?

A Social Media Marketing Agency takes the weight off your shoulders as we’ll create a cohesive content strategy as well as both manage and coordinate your social media channels, driving a whole new audience to your business, which then allows the majority of the hard work around marketing on social media to be taken off your shoulders. 

General Questions

How can you guarantee us results?

I feel that we can agree that guarantee is a funny word, and the reason why is because only a time-traveler can guarantee results, but we can be sure to implement the best strategy possible to maximise results. We can't guarantee that the sun is going to come up tomorrow but we are extremely confident that it will. Sites such as Google and Facebook are constantly changing, and that’s what makes the word guarantee such a tough word to use, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have very clear expectations in what to expect from working with us, because we are obviously good at what we do. 

Who Authors your content?

Every piece of content including both our blogs and press releases is written by one of our in-house writers, so you can be confident that a high standard of both quality and consistency is implemented with any volume of production.

How do you vet your video editors and graphic designers?

We’ve been working with our team for years, so we know exactly what skills and interests each of them have. When hiring new members of our team, whether that be writers, editors or designers, we look to see their backgrounds in creative fields, and whether what they bring to the table will be a good fit for our clients needs.