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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How can you guarantee us results?

A - I feel that we can agree that guarantee is a funny word, and the reason why is because only a time-traveler can guarantee results, but we can be sure to implement the best strategy possible to maximise results. We can't guarantee that the sun is going to come up tomorrow but we are extremely confident that it will. Sites such as Google and Facebook are constantly changing, and that’s what makes the word guarantee such a tough word to use, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have very clear expectations in what to expect from working with us, because we are obviously good at what we do.

Q - Who Authors your content?

A - Every piece of content including both our blogs and press releases is written by one of our in-house writers, so you can be confident that a high standard of both quality and consistency is implemented with any volume of production.

Q - How do you vet your video editors and graphic designers?

A - We’ve been working with our team for years, so we know exactly what skills and interests each of them have. When hiring new members of our team, whether that be writers, editors or designers, we look to see their backgrounds in creative fields, and whether what they bring to the table will be a good fit for our clients needs.